to deux.

I don’t know if you know this about me—but I love a good to-deux list. I love writing them out,... view post

brand strategy.

As visual designers, it’s sometimes hard to go backward and explain how we got to the pretty stuff. In my... view post

brand audit.

This year I have decided to experiment with a few public offerings to see if it makes sense for the... view post

core values in action.

Over the last decade+ as a designer, my most underrated offering has been brand clarity. As a curious person, a... view post

5 pillars.

I have been digging into branding books and coaching groups to find the best blend of knowledge out there for... view post

ideal client.

I will be the first one to admit, for a long long long looooong time I did not know who... view post

features vs benefit.

This topic always feels a little bit confusing when I talk to clients. Effective marketing and sales need to focus... view post

do you know your brand?

I have recently started offering brand audits. When I think of a brand audit, I think of dissecting your brand’s... view post

elements of branding.

I have noticed that branding has now permeated our everyday language not just as it pertains to our businesses but... view post

brand clarity in your business and being.

How many times have you heard that you have to love what you do, and that you can sleep when... view post


Ikigai is the Japenese word describing pleasure and meaning for life. It is broken up into Iki (to live) and... view post

wheel of life.

I have filled out this worksheet multiple times in my life. I have known it to be useful in the... view post

why clarity comes from work.

I recently changed my phone background again to my lettering “get clear.” Even though my word of the year is... view post

why more is not more.

I have many hustle posters. I love them, or I used to think I loved them. Growing up my parents... view post


There’s going to be an amazing podcast episode on this topic, but until then… let’s chat for a second about... view post

visceral why.

I have been working diligently on my website for a few months now. For a while, I was definitely just... view post

get clear.

I’ve spent the last few months in solace retrieving and hiding you could say. I was (am) licking my wounds... view post

keep it simple. 3 things to try today.

In preparing to write this post, I was over complicating my notes. I could talk about simplicity, here or there,... view post

nervous clients.

I recently had the opportunity to work with a really high-potential client. Almost work with. An Ivy League grad, a... view post

what are your strengths?

I’ve been deep-diving into figuring out a little more about myself as it pertains to being a freelance entrepreneur. What... view post

why you should stop billing by the hour.

How many of you freelancers out there are quoting and billing by the hour? Ok. STOP DOING THAT. RIGHT NOW.... view post

follow up. to starting small.

Not only I have used HelloSign now successfully—getting clients to agree to work faster rather than dilly dally with printing,... view post

start small.

I realized this past weekend that I am fake patient about my business. I tell people who ask how my... view post

time vs. value vs. money.

I have been very actively looking at how I spend my time as a freelancer. I’m sensing some shifts happening... view post

i said no.

Today I told a client no. I got the courage after 2 people in the kindest way turned me down... view post

dream big.

I followed a prompt recently that I wanted to share. I was asked what my dream was. List the big... view post

do you need a brand?

This is an important topic. I don’t want to shove info down your throat I don’t believe to be aligned... view post

passion vs. purpose.

I have been thinking about these two words a lot recently. As I relaunch this site, and realign myself with... view post

gem city to the big apple.

It’s been over 4 months since I have made the decision to put myself first: my education, me learning something... view post

spring cleaning.

I think of spring cleaning as this big once a year chore that has to happen so I don’t feel... view post


For me, last month was about trust. Every conversation I had about yoga, teaching, design or life peeled another layer... view post

non-violence to self.

I am currently reading The Yamas and the Niyamas by Deborah Adele, who is coming to Dayton for a weekend... view post

showing up.

Almost a month ago I counted 16 projects small, large, new and very old that I want to complete before... view post

why i’m not on vero.

Listen. I get it early sneezers, I get it. I see the signs, I wonder if I should switch, then... view post


If I put this out there then I won’t have any ways of not doing it, right? I’m going to... view post


I swore to drive less in order to run a successful business, but so far it’s not been happening, so... view post


When I decided to break from working for someone else I foolishly believed that those 8 hours were the only... view post

timing is always right.

Friends, I believe this to be true: the timing is always right. Everything was always meant to work out as... view post