timing is always right.

Friends, I believe this to be true: the timing is always right.

Everything was always meant to work out as it did.

In January I wanted to launch my brand clarity online course in 3 short months. Turns out, I knew NOTHING about what it takes to create an online course and how incredibly valuable it is to walk 6 clients through the process over time. I thought that weekly meetings with everyone would be the pace, that digesting the information I provide with beautiful homework handouts would be simple to accomplish. Ha!

  1. I learned so much about timing. Everyone digests 
 information at a different pace. Some clients could be in it 
 weekly, some needed two weeks to process the content. 
 (This informed me to release all of my course content at 
 once, so everyone will be able to go at their own pace 
 instead of a drip content schedule.)
  2. I learned so much about committing to my word. It’s easy 
 to say “I’ll send you an email or that link or xyz.” It’s super 
 hard to remember, to follow up, to keep track, to 
 do the work. I learned that putting the time in to sit after a 
 meeting and send the links I promised or to have notes 
 from the meeting always saved my ass. Staying in 
 integrity with the testers have created incredible 
 confidence in my abilities as a brand clarity coach, and it 
 makes me aware of two new things now: when do I really 
 need to say yes (will I be able to keep my promise?) and 
 when can I say “This week is already booked” keeping my 
 life manageable and therefore me in my integrity even 
 more. I used to be terrified to say I was unavailable 
 immediately thinking people would ditch me. Disclaimer: 
 it’s all still a work in progress but I see how it can work 
 way better now.
  3. I learned so much about slowing down. The times a 
 meeting got pushed back, canceled or rescheduled, I 
 always somehow found the most perfect article for next 
 time or the exact podcast episode with an example that 
 now better illustrated my point. The value I placed on fast-paced overachieving never led to anything good other 
 than exhaustion. Allowing for gaps have enabled me to get 
 even more clear.

Time is so tricky. We could think we want more of it, or less of it, or that something is not timed right or that we have no control over it. I think it’s always exactly what it needs to be. You can have 4 days to create a logo or 4 weeks—you will take the exact time you are given to complete the project. Our ability to manage our time and to trust it is entirely up to us.

I choose to believe that the timing is always perfect. The right people, projects, and timelines are always available to me. It creates so much freedom and abundance to work instead of worry about the past or have anxiety over the future. To me, it’s all perfect as is, in the now.

Tell me, what have you learned about time in your first quarter of 2019? Did you slow down? Did you speed up? Were you aware enough to notice 3 months have passed? Did something happen or not happen that now altered the course of your work or life? Do you trust that the timing is always right? Some of my friends think it’s insane that I ask questions in a newsletter and that it’s even more insane that some of you respond back, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So write back, please. I will make the time to respond back. You know I do.