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I brand badass female passionpreneurs.

Réka Juhász

I’m Réka Juhász {ray-ka u-has}, a Hungarian-born, American-trained designer in search of beauty, self-expression, and a collaborative client with a deep sense of purpose. Willing to travel, no barters, 21 and up.

Branding work

We’re inherently wired for stories.

When your brand and story has a beating heart, a lung full of fresh air, it is impossible not to fall in love and connect with it.

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visceral why

I want to speak the language of handmade, manual, slow-living, minimalist, self-caring, tactile, personal, free, unapologetic, raw, and collaborative. I believe in days off, travel, good food, lattes, movement, books, beauty, and the feminine energy changing the world. I want to support badass female passionpreneurs who speak the same language. I want to unfold their whole-hearted and mindful brand stories rooted in human connection and beautiful visual ecosystems.

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In the age of digital, 24-hour, and on-demand, it is refreshing to create long conversations around purpose and passion. I adore creating content for brand positioning (vision, mission, values, brand archetypes) and designing visual ecosystems (logo, collateral, packaging). We are inherently wired for human connection, and brands cannot survive long-term without these pillars.

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I can’t quite explain to you how these letter shapes are falling out of my hands, onto the paper, sometimes with ink or spice, sometimes jumping to digital and then back to manual life (letterpress) with texture and toothy paper—but either way—it’s been my greatest discovery to make shapes with my hands and tools. It brings me joy to share these items for looks, for sale, for the love of the craft.

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Finding my voice as an advocate of anti-hustle, brand clarity, self-development, and all things community—podcasting is my ultimate act of courage to show up for you with value and content that you are interested in consuming episode after episode. The Creative Cocktail is a mix of 3 parts design podcast, 2 parts brand clarity, and a dash of mental health serving the worldly passionpreneurs.

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In a world where most of our thoughts are translated digitally, I’m proud to work with Amélie—my 1906 Chandler and Price printing press—1000 pounds of cast iron, chase bed, ink rollers, and experience. Every design she turns out marks another page in her long history of hard, manual labor and exquisite craftsmanship. I find it refreshing to hold a toothy paper with a deep impression.

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I selfishly create products that I want, and need, and use. My desire to make things is only multiplied by the toothiest papers I can find, and the most interesting products I can create, so you too can tell people how you really feel.

Ponder the Thought

In order to find our voice in the world we have to say and write what is on our minds, accept that not everything will always land in the ears of others as we intend it, and continually dig up the courage to share our stories to express and evolve ourselves.

The Creative Cocktail Podcast

The Creative Cocktail is a mix of 3 parts design podcast, 2 parts brand clarity, and a dash of mental health serving the worldly passionpreneurs. Poured in a tall glass for long-form ramblings, casual conversations, interviews with lots of F words—it is crafted to bring clarity to your design dilemmas and work-life balance. Get drunk on an intentional, anti-hustle, sustainably fulfilling life.

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The Paperreka Blog

As with every online platform, the trepidation of too many, too long, too few, too raw, too whatever post is real. But my need to communicate the products, clients, projects, accomplishments, and downfalls as a designer, maker, and human is also inevitable. So consider this your warning if you follow along.

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In order to facilitate meaningful conversations, please use this form to get in touch and allow for 24 hours to receive a response. I maintain a very minimalist inbox and do not answer emails outside of business hours or on weekends. Boundaries aside—I am excited to hear from you!