get clear.

I’ve spent the last few months in solace retrieving and hiding you could say. I was (am) licking my wounds from 2019 and in the moments of clarity that hit me I do realize the pity party does have to come to an end. It’s time to get clear.

I already know this from previous experience to be true: the more clear I get with what it is that I love doing, the more I enjoy my work, the more I vibrate at the frequency of ideal clients, best friends, and amazing life experiences. The more clear I get in my voice as a human, yogi, entrepreneus, the more I can hold others accountable for their voice, mission, vision. The more clear I get on my brand, the more I can sit with clients to do the same.

So this is to say, I am getting clear. At least first quarter clear. Start the fucking podcast that I have been talking about for a year now, finish the online course that I have poured SOOO much effort, time and energy into, and finalize my website that I have only been dragging my feet on since I left my full-time job 2 years ago.

So what does this clarity look like? Well, I’ll show you as it unfolds. I like sneak peeks for my newsletter subscribers, so it’s possible you can learn more about this on Friday, when my newsletter comes out. Oh, you are not signed up yet? I got you. Do it here. 

With slowly clearing horizon and all my heart, xo.