gem city to the big apple.

It’s been over 4 months since I have made the decision to put myself first: my education, me learning something new, me showing up to a new place, me doing a new thing. It took me 4 months to get here. To publicly write about it, to explain what the fuck is going on. 

For years I have admired design speakers at all kinds of conferences talking highly of Type at Cooper. I’ve always wondered, “the hell is Type at Cooper?” I looked it up, I fell in love, 4 years later I had the guts to submit my work and I got accepted.


Alongside some pretty talented, and in some cases already type designing beasts, me—little-reka-juhasz—got accepted at Cooper. I had to be strategic, I had to have a few really heavy conversations about how to move forward. As a result, I am walking away from a lot of things I adore. I’m taking a sabbatical from my place of work—where the past 6 years I have been given amazing opportunities, where I have been pushed, loved, and supported and I am going to walk into a total stranger of a city, a foreign building and classroom to work from 9am to 9pm or until my fingers fall off to put myself first. How bizarre is it that what fuels me is also intrinsically the same exact thing that scares the shit out of me. Sometimes I find myself more courageous in the moments of haste and chaos than silence and space. Is that normal?

I am also taking a sabbatical from teaching at my home studio—Thursday night power flow jams may just get a little less profane you guys. Hang in there though, I may pick up some new slang in the big apple. 

I am sadly saying forever goodbye to my other studio that has offered me a job without me even asking. A place that believed in me, let me loose to find and refine my voice, part-take in its beautiful branding process and allowed me to meet so many wonderful yogis. TR, thank you for your grace and for allowing me to go with the flow. 

And if you know me… we cannot dismiss the millions of side projects. I will be wrapping up my magical 16 projects all due by early June. The paperreka shop will shut down from June to the end of July, new client projects will be taken up in the first-come-first-served basis upon my return in August. 

It is imperative for me that this journey is not tainted by any other factors. That for once I take a vacation to work only 12 hours a day. I cannot be more excited to only invest time in myself and learning, and soaking up everything the big city will have to offer. 

Lastly, fear not. I will be back stronger, better, and more confident. I cannot wait to start this chapter and if you have people, places, friends, yoga studios I need to learn about, see, or meet in new york—please let me know. Namaste bitches.