I swore to drive less in order to run a successful business, but so far it’s not been happening, so instead of feeling frustrated by how much I am driving, I’m turning these valuable hours into self- and business development. Ok, one item on this list is definitely neither, but who cares. 

how i built this.

It’s difficult not to love an NPR programming, especially when hosted by Guy Raz, who will inevitably ask ALL the questions you wanted to, sprinkled with casual, often funny conversations with big company owners about how they became who they are today. Local shoutout to the Jeni’s ice cream episode, but I was also fascinated with how James Dyson started his vacuum cleaner business. Fascinating stories of humanity, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit. Highly recco if you are interested in human success stories. 

being boss.

Kathleen and Emily are my type of podcasters. They are biz partners, friends, they talk about personal things but not too much, really listen and ask very probing questions. I love their regular episodes and occasional minisodes both. Not everything needs to be stretched into awkward hour-long ramblings. Their conversations are very much like shop talk—friendly and informative—and I have added a million links to my “check later” folder since I’ve started listening a few months ago. Highly recco if you are a designer, entrepreneur, and feel/want to feel like a boss. 

goal digger.

My friend turned me onto this podcast. Jenna is intense. Her voice, tone, and language is a touch out of my comfort zone, but I love her content. LOVE her content. She understands running a business, marketing, scaling and systemizing, her “ads” are freebies for how to get good at instagram and pinterest and shit, so no annoying “I use this product” pre-recorded garbage. She is the reason I will be having a quarterly newsletter, and if you run a business, actually, no if you are a human in search of balance listen to her ep 131, on 5 Big Lies that are holding you back, or her March 2nd Friday5: 5 ways to outsource your life. Highly recco if you are a designer, interested in social media and lifestyle stuff.  

freelance transformation.

Matt is awesome. You can tell he is the designer/freelancer geek who has evolved into a business owner who now talks about how to make money, work and stress less. Every guest conversation, even though almost an hour long—seems short because the conversations feel like ones you would have with his guests. Fascinating people with incredible backgrounds have come on the show. I have only been listening for a few months, but even an episode about lInkedin advertising (I’m not even on linkedin) was. so. interesting. Highly recco if you are a designer or small design shop owner.  


My friends Shawn and Danny are running a nonsensical comedic internet show, where you may or may not become the enemy of the show should you write in, interact, or join the FB friendship club and get involved with the organization.