wheel of life.

I have filled out this worksheet multiple times in my life. I have known it to be useful in the coaching world but I Just personally and sincerely love a good worksheet. The wheel of life, to me, signifies a snapshot in life that allows me to examine different areas in each quadrant (physical, social, intellectual, and emotional). Within each quadrant, two segments can be rated from zero to ten. The higher the number the more satisfactory your life is in this area. If you cross a line in each segment (see the example on the worksheet) you will see how balanced your wheel is.

If you think about a wheel you know you want it to be nicely rounded. Each area that has a low number next to a high is problematic. If every segment has a low number you will have a tiny wheel… and it’s hard to go far with that, but areas well balanced in the high numbers will get you far in life. Now, this is not to say that all areas at all times can be a perfect balance. Sometimes you have to take that job that’s not the most amazing career move to balance out the finance segment. Or perhaps your social life is affected by being super involved in your career… It’s not always black and white. But this is a tool, and as such, you can use it to your benefit. I hope you do find it useful, and if so, I talk about tools, tips, and tricks a lot in my paperrific newsletter. Sign up for more from me here. 

Download the wheel of life worksheet here.