what are your strengths?

I’ve been deep-diving into figuring out a little more about myself as it pertains to being a freelance entrepreneur. What is my mission, vision, values (more on all that later) and what are the things that I am good at. As a designer, especially now, we have access to soooooo much software, training, and visual possibilities. 

So if you are feeling like a fraud, an imposter, or lacking confidence in your abilities—I feel ya. Hard to put creative work out there, let others judge it, not take it personally, and keep going to make something awesome. Taking just the right amount of feelings out of our work is super helpful. 

So how can we get better, find our best work, and know what we are good at? It’s so interesting how I started my career in psychology and so often go back to the roots for inspiration. I wasn’t meant to be a therapist, but I was meant to dip my toes in just enough to always know that how we work, live and love are all connected in who we are, and it’s impossible to find your best self, life, and purpose without knowing yourself. 

There are so many ways to look at your strengths, but for today’s post, I started with these 3 personality tests. I have taken all 3 of these, some a long time ago, some very recently, and I have found good information in all of these for me to ponder—stuff that you don’t want to hear but you need to so you can work on it, and stuff that is a really nice reminder that “oh yea, I am a badass at that xyz thing.” So brace yourself, be kind to yourself, and dig in with curiosity!

The first test is 16 personalities, and it is free. Plus it is gorgeously designed. It is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, and I am an ENTJ-T with a T at the end for turbulent! Checks out. I have gathered 6 strengths and 6 weaknesses that I will be writing down and journaling on to get into more deeply. For example, I’m efficient, but I can also be impatient and intolerant. Hard words to hear, but looking forward to the work. What’s your 4 letter abbreviation?

The second test I took a while back is the Gallup Strengths test, I opted for the under $20 shorter test but learned a lot of characteristics about myself and it helps put it in perspective how I contribute to my family, friendships, and work-life.

The third test, I just very recently took, it was $12, and it is Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator. From what I understand this method is used in business management and spirituality contexts both, breaking down 9 interconnected personality types. Some of these findings are controversial and not all peer-reviewed research has been widely accepted. I kinda don’t care though, I still learned some interesting things about myself, and it has given me more to ponder. 

Share your results and surprises with me if you feel comfortable. Would love to hear from you. What are you going to do about the results? How are you going to harness your strength power to be a badass designer or entrepreneur overall?


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