core values in action.

Over the last decade+ as a designer, my most underrated offering has been brand clarity. As a curious person, a business owner myself, a self-help junkie, and a forever minimalist—organizing my brain and closets bring me so. much. joy. I honestly had no idea how much I have learned from the amazing businesses I have branded over the years. The thing is, when you are a designer, especially early out of school, you are focused on whether or not you are print or web, or you are good at developing apps, or doing animation. Schools will tell you to get a well-rounded education and learn a bit about everything to do good work. In theory—and in a school setting—I find this approach appropriate. In the real world… some of this knowledge will be forgotten or sharpened.

My two core values are beauty and freedom. I like to pepper in minimalism as the third, but really, it is inherently baked into freedom in my mind. We gotta do less and more intentionally to get to freedom. Fewer clothes and furniture and knick-knacks mean less cleaning, laundry, and chores. And more is fine, you can be a maximalist for all I care, but when it comes to brands, too much communication, noise, platforms, and constantly more are not necessarily going to reach your target audience. So while bold designs, crazy textures, and loud colors are all good and fun, I truly believe that at the core, we are still only our best brands and products and services put forward if you can simply organize your offerings, repeat your mission, and vision (they are not the same interchangeable thing) with the same exact words over and over again off the top of your head.

If you struggle with the through line in your brand, in your offerings, in your verbal and visual branding, please do not hesitate to reach out or read about my offerings on how we can collaborate.