follow up. to starting small.

Not only I have used HelloSign now successfully—getting clients to agree to work faster rather than dilly dally with printing, signing and scanning NO THANK YOU—I have also successfully formatted my brand spanking new master client service agreement, and SOW (statement of work). This formatting frenzy also led to me updating the timeline document and quote, so everything you receive from me from now on will all look so very professional. It has always just been editing one thing at a time instead of spending several days to make a comprehensive overhaul happen. It was a lot but super worth it. 

While I was at it I also worked on my mission statement, vision, values, and ideal client profiles. I’m also thinking about putting a workshop together to help others figure out who they are. Let me know if you would be interested in learning more about that. I’m finding coffee catch-ups with friends are turning into me listing the things I use, places I follow, read, and making recommendations. Maybe it’s time I start teaching what I know? Hmmm.