start small.

I realized this past weekend that I am fake patient about my business. I tell people who ask how my business is going that it’s going well, and that I am figuring it out, and that I know things are going to take time but truth be told, I AM CONSTANTLY thinking I should be further ahead. 

So this post is about starting small. A recent podcast episode on the issue of decluttering switched the light for me. The show guest is a professional organizer and mentioned that when people feel overwhelmed in their homes and don’t know where to start clearing clutter—she tells them to start with a junk drawer or a sock drawer or one small thing.

Hearing that I thought to myself “I’m super good at doing that.” I love organizing, I love seeing things clearly, so why not do this with my business? One small thing solved as a little puzzle piece at a time.

So I made a list of reoccurring issues that I feel are taking a long time and/or I just need to sit down and figure out and systematize. I can’t do all of them at once and that’s ok. There is no magic one thing that will fix it all for me. Especially as I grow, and I expect everything will change with that as well. 

So here’s the first thing on my list: 

I need to streamline scheduling appointments with clients and have a calendar for them to pick dates from instead of spending hours trying to remember who contacted me via what social channel. 

So today—this very fine day—I tackled using Square for appointments (I use this software for market and checking out people from my online shops) and now I can add times I am available to meet people and it sends them a nice little appointment schedule and reminders. I can also integrate a button on my site to send people there instead of back and forth texts, instagram direct messages, etc. It also syncs with my already preciously manicured google calendar. I’m so stoked you guys.

Baby steps. Scheduling down. Next up, figure out how to use HelloSign for e-signatures on documentation. 

How are you tackling your week and or can you find ONE SMALL thing to figure out so you can keep the ball rolling and not lose momentum? Let me know! I am very interested.