brand audit.

This year I have decided to experiment with a few public offerings to see if it makes sense for the paperreka brand. When I say experiment, I don’t mean experiment with the content or value that I offer. I stand by my work, research, books I’ve read, and courses I have taken. My experiment is really about how to offer you this package so you can get the most value out of it.

See, over the last decade+ I have called myself a designer, a print and everything paper-related designer. But the truth is, I have also been observing and absorbing the businesses I have worked with—how they are run and what they need as I have been making them look good. I have learned to ask questions about target audiences, and unique value propositions before I knew I was really guiding them through brand strategy.

And now, I have realized that offering the strategy work not only makes my designs better in the end, but it is also just a really good way for you to understand your business from a bit of an outside perspective. As business owners, it is hard to evaluate our work objectively. It is hard to look deep and ask tough questions of ourselves.

And this is where the brand audit comes in so handy. In a two-hour call and we can get to the nitty-gritty of your business. My intention with the brand audits is to evaluate what is and what is not working in your business through a branding lens. You may want to update your logo, and how you talk to your audience or understand better who your audience really is. The brand audit will quickly illuminate your blind spots and help you root down with confidence.

I am interested in working with people who understand the value of getting really clear and intentional with their business, who have written a business plan and have thought about finances but do not know how to create a verbal and visual representation of who they are. That’s my bread and butter. Verbal and visual branding.

When you work with me through a brand audit we can quickly determine if you are in need of new words and visuals. Instead of asking for logo design quotes and or even (re)branding yourself without true foundations (or brand pillars as I like to call them) this process lets you dip your toes into the branding pool. Join me for one of these sessions and let’s get to the DNA of your brand! Click here to schedule a brand audit (payment will be due in full before the call or meeting) or check out how else we can work together via this link.