visceral why.

I have been working diligently on my website for a few months now. For a while, I was definitely just assuming it will come together eventually somehow and was putting forth very little effort to be in it daily. The reason is multi-layered, and I will not get into the weeds of it all, but it did shine some light on something I want to share.

When you know why you do the work, the work becomes important, something you cannot dismiss, something that is a visceral calling for you. And so after a meeting with a client last week it hit me if we don’t get super anchored in our why, if we do not root down, we cannot rise up. I say it in yoga classes when I teach. Start with the foundation. Press down your feet. Feel the earth.

So here, today, I want to share my visceral why. Why I design, do yoga, live and breathe creative endeavors. It will live prominently on my home page for a long long time. And I am proud to have done the work to select these words and re-read them a million times to make sure they align with my core callings.

I want to speak the language of handmade, manual, slow-living, minimalist, self-caring, tactile, personal, free, unapologetic, raw, and collaborative. I believe in days off, travel, good food, lattes, movement, books, beauty, and the feminine energy changing the world. I want to support badass female passionpreneurs who speak the same language. I want to unfold their whole-hearted and mindful brand stories rooted in human connection and beautiful visual ecosystems.

I do all of this because I believe in the feminine energy changing the world. I have a mission and a vision, and yes, I want to brand badass female passionpreneurs, but man, it’s because I believe we can change the status quo, the way we live, the way the world works.

What’s your visceral why?