do you know your brand?

I have recently started offering brand audits. When I think of a brand audit, I think of dissecting your brand’s vision, mission (no, they are not the same), your goals, values, messaging, identity, and brand personality to name a few things. As a visual person, I can very quickly judge your book by its cover and make suggestions of what could work or work better for you, but that’s just a third of your worry. You HAVE TO HAVE your verbal brand nailed down. Your brand basics. And you have to know how your brand behaves in the real world. Sometimes I interact with brands that are poorly designed, but everything else about them is soooo strong. It is not always a top priority to spend money on a logo, and I get that. One day I will spend money on the exterior of my home, too, but first I need clean walls, resurfaced floors, and new windows. One (strategic) step at a time.

Given the opportunity however, I would pressure you to ask others what you look/sound like, and start making very strategic steps to rebrand or tweak your brand to look and sound as good as your products and services are. The world is a noisy place, and if you want to stand out, increase your bottom line, and keep growing—brand strategy, brand clarity, and brand identity design are critical pillars for your success.

If you would like to go deep and evaluate your brand strengths and weaknesses, I’m a click away. I promise to root down into your core values, vision, mission, and visual identity to make you feel like you know exactly where you are headed and how to get there. A brand audit can be extremely helpful to understand your current positioning and how to improve it to better resonate with your target audience and to stand out from your competitors. I’m here for you, let me know how I can support you!