to deux.

I don’t know if you know this about me—but I love a good to-deux list. I love writing them out, I love crossing items off, and I love adding items just to cross them off. I have a running list of home goals on my fridge—it seems endless, I swear, and I write out my daily goals of what needs to get done for my biz in a notebook. Even though a lot of things are on my digital calendar with deadlines and blocked time off, too. To me, there’s something about paper and pen that makes it more real. Or more re-writable. But I have noticed, I am the most successful when I plan out one month. I list out ALLLLL the things I want to get done. And I get obnoxious. It’s work goals, home goals, personal goals, and things that have been waiting on my other lists for months and will ultimately only take 10 minutes to do and I will be so upset I left it on my list for so long… but yea… you get the idea. In overloading the page, and looking at it frequently, I actually believe I accomplish more because I see that I have so much to deux on the list.

I suffer from this “I got this” condition that makes me think on the first of the month that I can always do so much more in 30 days than life really allows space for, but even if I move things to another month, having goals, writing out dates does keep you accountable. I swear. I especially love when I move something to a new list for the 34576th time and then I just get so mad at myself for keep pushing it back, that that anger is what fuels the accomplishment. Not sure how healthy that is, but it works for me.

So I wanted to share this really simple document with you. It is nothing fancy, but a lined 8.5×11 sheet of paper to get you more organized. I hope you download it and enjoy it. Cheers to getting shit done!