features vs benefit.

This topic always feels a little bit confusing when I talk to clients. Effective marketing and sales need to focus on both of these concepts, but do we really understand the difference? Let’s dive in.

Features are the tangible or physical aspects of your product (or service). Think if you have headphones, the fact that it’s wireless is one of its physical features. Now, a benefit would be a positive outcome a customer will experience as a result of using your product (or service). So in the headphone example, the benefit could be that you don’t have to mess with tangled wires.

I asked chatgpt to give me an example and I liked the answer the robot gave me, so I’m sharing it below:

• The features of a smartphone may include its screen size, battery life, camera quality, storage capacity, and processing speed.
• The benefits of a smartphone may include being able to stay connected with friends and family, capturing high-quality photos and videos, and accessing important information on the go.

Ok, now your turn. What is a feature and what is a benefit of your product or service?