time vs. value vs. money.

I have been very actively looking at how I spend my time as a freelancer.

I’m sensing some shifts happening and can see from the outside the incredible amount of rat race that I have engaged in, or still do so, or what my friends and peers are up to and how stressed and tired everyone is. I recently hired a really wonderful accountant who is goal setting with me—business and personal financial—to get to a place of a digital nomad. It was one of many steps I am taking as part of this evaluation of time because I do not want things to feel like a rat race. And I am willing to shift my mindset around time and money to get to have time to do X things. 

For me, X is sitting back down at the piano that I have not played in months. X is taking my lunch on the back deck, because that’s why we extended it, so we can hang out there. X is more sleep, X is more lettering projects. X is starting all kinds of other new projects. X is continually pairing down my possessions. 

I have also created a morning routine. More pause, meditation, sitting with myself and the goals I have for the day. I now set goals for the week as well, but to sit for a few minutes daily is so helpful. I’m not saying I do it perfectly or even every day, but if the goal is X and if I am the only one who can make this better, this has to be the process. 

Add to the pile that I started obsessing over Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School podcast. I found her through one of my other podcasts I listen to and I immediately went back to back on so many episodes. The one I cannot stop thinking about (there are a few from the last 20 or so episodes that ring overly true) is episode 208. 

Time creates value and value creates money. Time does not create money. MONEY CREATES TIME. In case you are a fast reader. Let’s say that again: MONEY CREATES TIME. When you have the money you can buy back your time. That’s how I am going to get back to my X factors. Creating incredible workshops, content, toying with a few new project ideas—bringing that lifestyle to life that I have been craving to reach. It’s all going to come together in the most magnificent ways, because I am investing in my mind, in my brain, and that’s where the true value can be created. I am sleeping, meditating, journaling. It’s a process I can’t rush it, but things are shifting and my mind is on fire. 

I hope you are ready because I have a lot in store for you. xo.