do you need a brand?

This is an important topic. I don’t want to shove info down your throat I don’t believe to be aligned with my inner gut and reality of my client sphere.

So to be honest, if you are doing any kind of business, you already have a brand whether you like it or not. But you do not need a brand per se. You don’t need a lot of things in this world, yet here we are. 

You can sit at the side of the road and sell watermelons. Use a large cardboard sign and make a living. You can be very successful without a brand. 

But hear me out. I believe that your promise to grow the best watermelons, your interactions with your customers, how you treat them, and the promise of being at the same spot, with the same great product next week is already all part of your brand blueprint. Does that make sense? A brand is so much more than a pretty logo. (We will deep dive into a lot of the nuances next week.) So if you have a product, you are already interacting with your customers, you are already selling to a specific demographic——why the hell not save the decision time for them to go to you every time? Why not get consistent with your actions? Why not build loyalty and trust with your audience?

Think about it.