why clarity comes from work.

I recently changed my phone background again to my lettering “get clear.” Even though my word of the year is align, I wanted this reminder. I originally posted this lettering quite a while ago, but it’s still so very true. (Feel free to download this lettering if it strikes a chord. <3)

get clear hand-lettering ipone background

“Get clear.

On your goals, on your voice, on your life. Get clear on your mission, purpose, and what it is that lights you on fire. There is no other way. You cannot shortcut to victory, you cannot avoid heartaches, you cannot apply the easy button. Absorbing the world around you is necessary but getting clear on what you want can only come from you. From within, from hard work. Your inner work is yours to figure out. Your clarity is not anyone else’s clarity. The more you sit with it, journal about it—the more clear it becomes. Trust the process, let the clarity come from the work. Don’t try to know better, don’t try to fix it, don’t try to rush it. Let it unfold as it should. Get quiet and get clear.

You must.”

Why? Because you do not know what you want unless you really think about it. You have gut instincts about all sorts of things in life, but to learn about the bigger questions you have to keep checking in with it. Why? Because things shift. Because you may not even be in alignment with your gut. You may be answering and fixing and doing for others and not yourself. 

Turns out to get clear on your goals and vision and self you have to put in the work. You have to sit down, think it through, spend time marinating it, talking it over, reading back your answers, your thoughts, refining them, and sometimes starting all over again. 

That sounds like a bunch of work that you may not want to do. 

Sounds like a possibility that you may be operating out of automatic. 

Sounds like a scary place to go, because you don’t want to find out something negative about yourself.

I hear ya. Don’t let fear hold you back. Do it anyway. 

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